3. Life Lessons From Adversity


In the last few hours, I've seen adversity, I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I will not get into the details of what happened (everything is better now and I'm okay^), but it did come with a few invaluable life lessons. I'll try to document them below.


When it comes on your family, nothing else matters. No matter how important it is. No matter how excited you were for something else or how important that other thing was. Family is all. Yes, it's not just any quote from Breaking Bad. I felt this one.


Patience will eventually lead you to outcomes you couldn't have imagined. It genuinely seems like a miracle. You have to be patient, extra patient with elders, especially with ones who are sick. You have to put yourself in that person's shoes. Sabr ka phal sach me meetha hota hai.

Emotional Strength.

Having emotional strength is underrated. In the state of an emergency, when there is no one to help you and someone is dependant on you to take care of them, making sure they are alright. You have to stay strong, make sure the person who is dependant on you is alright and comfort them. Make them understand that you are there for them and everything is going to be fine.


Times of adversity makes us realize the importance of financial planning. Please, please take some time out and educate yourself about personal finances (hypocrite alert^ I am yet to do it.), mediclaim, health insurance and long term savings. Emergency comes without any warnings and does not discriminate between rich and poor. But when it strikes, have some capital really helps with the 1000x mental burden due to the emergency.

Work in progress.

This article is a work in progress. I'm learning more and more lessons everyday. I'll keep adding them here as and when I get time.

— Dheeraj Lalwani