1. The girl from the doctor's office


I don't remember the specifics of it much because I was highly sedated by her beauty... or because I was on a shitload of painkillers for my broken arm.

But boy, was she a sight for sore eyes.

I vaguely remember her appearance.

She sat there, with her legs crossed, immersed in her Harry Potter novel. She wore a sky-blue kurti and skin-fit jeans which made me fall for her, faster than a free-falling body in a vacuum.

"Who is this mystery girl? Why was she at the doctor's office? Was she in pain? Is she sick?" I wondered.

"Ms. Ishika, you're next. Please proceed to the cabin.", the receptionist announced.

Woah, her name is Ishika. "What a beautiful name!", I thought, as she put down her book in her bag and hurried into the examination room.

"You have a crush, Mr. Broken Bones", chuckled my sister as I looked at Ishika walk by into the cabin.

"Stop it. I do not have a crush on her."

"She looked pretty in that sky-blue kurti>," I said, trying to hide my pink, blushing cheeks. It felt as if her love potion had completely intoxicated me.

"So, are you going to ask her out on a date? Or are you going to chicken out like always?" asked my sister with the cutest, starry hopeful eyes ever.

I've never had much luck with the girls. In fact, I've never been on a date before. Opportunities have been chasing me, but I've always been faster. Am I just too naïve to understand? Or perhaps I wasn't ready before? I don't know. But something felt different, that day.

"I don't know, maybe. Please don't go around making a big deal out of it, okay? I'm shy and scared enough by the mere existence of your species already okay?" I replied, annoyingly. "We're not monsters, you dummy. All you need to do is approach us gracefully. That's it. Com'on, don't be shy!"

"Alright. I'll try." I said.

The receptionist announced, "Mr. Dheeraj, you're next, please proceed to the cabin." "Thank God," I told myself as I walked towards the cabin when she walked out. We exchanged an awkward smile as I hurried away into the cabin. I screamed at myself internally for blowing off another opportunity.

My sister waited outside, reading a magazine while I got my arm all checked out. I wondered, "Why am I like this? Why can't I strike up a single conversation?" while the doctor cut open my plaster and got me prepped for an x-ray. My hand still needed some mending so I got a new plaster fixed up. The doctor and I chatted for a while about my career and then I stepped out.

I couldn't believe my eyes after seeing what I saw as I walked outside with my jaw dropped.

There was my sister, laughing and giggling and chatting with Ishika. "Have you met Dheeraj?", she asked Ishika as she turned towards me. "He also is a software engineer. He works at SomeBigCorp. You two might have a lot to talk about!"

That's when my sister became my best wingman! I smiled at my sister and mimed a huge "THANK YOU" to her as I and Ishika parted ways with my sister. That's how I met the girl from the doctor's office.

— Dheeraj Lalwani